Chunky Cables?

I am curious to know if anyone has had experience of these really cheap interconnects.
Or other cheap brands that impressed.
Over the years I have only ever dared to look into the big boy brands- chord, tellurium, qed, audioquest ect.

Now I am wondering if they are worth a try?

So is the brand ‘Chunky Cables’?

Yes Chunky Cables.

Sorry never heard of them, I get the impression lots of fancy cables these days are ‘engineered’ to look sophisticated on the outside in an ‘all fur coat, no knickers’ kind of way if you get my drift.


All interconnects sound different but as already mentioned some fancy looking plated connectors, heat shrink and over braiding doesn’t make a good cable. From the internal shot, the soldering doesn’t look to hot either. If i was looking for good value, well made interconnects then Flashback or Mark Grant would be worth looking at.

This is part of their description----
CHUNKY CABLES are constructed from an oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable with a 0.1mm copper core. It benefits from a foamed polyethylene insulation with an excellent dielectric. It has superb screening both in the form of a bare oxygen free copper braid with the additional benefits of its Mylar screen also. The cable diameter is 8mm with capacitance rated as (a low) 62pF/m and Impedance at 75Ω nominal

Some discussion on wigwam on these…

That looks like a dry joint to me and if that is a catalogue shot… Hmm

My spelling wasn’t too hot either !


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