Cisco 2960 Clean Up

Hi I’m trying to factory reset and clean a used Cisco 2960 8TCL switch ready to use with my NDX2. I’ve logged in via putty and the console to check for old configs and vlan config files. Looking at the attached screen shot can I delete both the .renamed files? Any other settings need changing while I’m in there?

first i would setup the ntp config so you have a clock running - so files are dated.

ntp clock-period 36029413
ntp server

I note you don’t have a running config - so I would setup that up - that should be created when you save the running config

I would not delete those files - they are handled by the system - but i don’t think anything would break if you do - but do first setup a valid running config which should be setup after running express setup.

The clean up is in the running config (config.text) - but as that will be new it won’t need cleaning.

or if you don’t want to use express setup and rather manually setup a basic config

Simon, many thanks for your assistance. I finally got around to sorting the switch setup. I have wired the Cisco direct to my BT smart hub port 1, the Cisco then has a single feed to the NDX2 on port 2 (ive disabled all other ports). I now need to do a bit of tidying (the Cisco runs quite warm) in the cabinet.

Now for some extended listening to see if I can tell a difference, if not, at least it was fun to do!
Thanks again Mark.

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