Cisco WS-2960-8TC-L


Im looking for some guidance if I may with regard to connecting my recently purchased (used) Cisco switch to my existing BT Smart Hub 2. I have completed the Cisco POST programme with success so just a case of connecting cables.
The switch will be used for connecting my NDX2 and Qnap NAS drive only. Whats concerning me is wether I use any of the four ports on the right hand side of the switch or the single port on the left labelled “console” or do I just connect router, NDX2 and NAS cables to any of the 8 ports?

When the cables are configured do I need to carry out any other actions at all, (apart from powering the NAS and NDX2 up) such as programming etc within the switch.

Any advice will be very much welcomed and appreciated, thank you.

Kindest Regards

Use any of the ports you like EXCEPT the console port. That is there for switch management and configuration only.

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Good morning raym55,

Many thanks for your swift reply its greatly appreciated, I have been looking forward to installing the switch now I have my cables, now I can get to it!!

Thank you


Most 2960s are 10/100 through the 8 regular ports, and GB through the dual purpose ports on the R. So devices that might benefit from being on a gigabit port such as a NAS for rapid transfer of large files, might be better on the ports on the R side. Other than that, just use any port for any device, and it should be fine. Except for the blue console port.

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Hi ChrisSU,

Thanks ever so much for your reply, I will of course take your advice and utilise the Gb slot for my NAS
I guess I can’t go wrong! Great stuff thank you.

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The 8PC L model what would it be instead?

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