Classic Naim speaker cable plugs on a 202

Merry Christmas all !
I use the Naim black speaker plugs, which holds both the Pos and Neg posts. These fit the spacing on 140 and 90 shoebox power amps.

Is the spacing between posts the same on a 200 ?

Well, they fit a 1985 build NAP250…!!

Guess they probably fit all the NAP’s…?

I have never yet had a dealer who supplied Naim speaker plugs with a new Naim amp. There are so many plugs that are clearly superior.

For a Naim amp I can’t really think of anything better than the SA8 plugs that are supplied with it.

The metal of the pins is an ideal match for the socket and the plug casings are designed to allow the pins to follow the most natural path down the socket without any stress that may result in a poorer contact. The casing also makes connection and disconnection a cinch.


Yes, it’s the same on the NAP200.

Thank you Richard.

I do also remember reading another reason for the design of the plug. On accidental disconnection both left and right do so simultaneously reducing chance of damage.

More importantly, perhaps, the plugs on most expensive cable are gold plated - I would imagine its better to have the same material for the plug as the socket, as the NAIM plugs and sockets are.

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These are really fantastic IMHO

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