Cleaning a Turntable Dust Cover

Ever since I started on this hobby of ours, all my turntables had no dust covers. So when a friend who bought his first turntable asked me how to clean a dust cover without leaving any hairline scratches, I couldn’t confidently give a good answer.

So how do you do it?

Apply Astonish Tile & Glass Cleaner sparingly, using a clean, soft cloth. Wipe off.

(If it’s good enough for Naim to use in the Factory, it ought to maintain the appearance of the equipment nicely.)

Whether you get micro scratches or not will largely depend on the material the cover is made from unfortunately. Dust itself is enough to scratch cheaper plastics so the softest cloth in the world won’t matter.

Use the softest micro duster you can to prolong the inevitable but don’t lose sleep over it.

No matter how careful I am, mine picks up a fine haze over time. About once a year I clean it inside and out using Novus polish and a microfibre cloth. It comes up really well, maybe better than new.

There are 3 grades of Novus, and 1 is usually sufficient. If there are visible small scratches or scuffs, I’ll first give it a going over with no. 2. There’s also a no. 3 for heavier scratches, but I’ve never needed to use it.

Echoing @feeling_zen’s post above, Linn’s care advice for the LP12 cover is:
The lid should be cleaned with a soft duster. Remove any stubborn dirt or marks with a soft, damp cloth, then finish with a dry, soft duster. The lid can be very easily marked so avoid any harsh rubbing action. Lids are more often damaged through over-enthusiastic cleaning.

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In first istance use a dust cover, a cotton cloth or microfiber, i always did so on my turntable and you virtually don’t need to dust it. Whenever you have to clean it, may be every few years, give it a nice spray with distilled water and some cleaner like Permanon Glass or something used for screens, applying the slightest pressure with microfiber. My Rega P3 cover 14+ yo is pretty much like new.

If you get scratches, try TCut or similar.

Worked well on a pre-loved Rega P3 lid, for me, recently.

My solution for the last 10+ years is spraying the dust cover with antistatic plastic cleaner and wiping it dry with a very soft cloth. I basically drag the cloth over the surface, instead of scrubbing it.

I’ve used this for years

Russ Andrews TLC (turntable lid cleaner)

It’s a bit expensive but works a treat with a very fine micro fibre cloth

Did Russ Andrews send a complimentary bottle of snake oil while they were at it?


When I had Rega P25, Russ sent me some. Cant say i noticed any difference.

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