Cleaning Marks Off The Top Of A Supercap Case

I am looking at obtaining a second hand SuperCap DR but it has marks on the top of the case where the owner has stood another piece of Naim equipment.
Is it possible to clean these marks off? If so how and with what?
Thank you.

Are these stains or are they actual wear on the powder coat texture? Typically placing kit on top of the Naim finish seems to wear the coating from the ones I’ve seen & not something that can be cleaned off.

I believe that Naim use Astonish Tile & Glass Cleaner at the factory in Salisbury. It’s a blue liquid in a plastic spray bottle.

It’s available online, from the makers in, I think, Yorkshire.

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As @daren_p says, if it is damage to the paint, its difficult. I had this on my XPS2, but managed to hide or mask most of the damage, using satin black paint (*).

However, if its just from the rubber feet, then its relatively easy to remove. No magical cleaner is needed. White Spirit worst case.

(* - I used Humbrol Satin Black No.85 - but other paints are available…)

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Hi @IanRobertM @graham55 @daren_p

Thank you to you all for the information.
The marks are circular from the rubber feet of the piece of Naim equipment that was placed on top of the Supercap.

Thats good news. So normal cleaning should do it. White Spirit in the worst case.

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