Cleaning Mu-so dial

The rotary dial on top of the mu-so is a lovely bit of tactile design.

But it’s awfully impractical in our household - with 4 dogs bringing in dirt and dust, the top gets dusty very quickly, and so it now graunches round rather than turns nicely. Any good tips on how to clean it out?

You could use the dusting attachment from your vacuum cleaner.

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tried that - it’s fine for surface dust but not the stuff that seems too have got into the dial itself…

Soft toothbrush?

I use a compressed air aerosol can, gently as i don’t know whats under it!


ah. Compressed air can, now there’s a good idea. (toothbrush has also been tried - seems to push stuff further in…). thanks.

I would avoid that. The cans I’ve used easily puts out some liquid. I have no idea what that could do with your system.

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had some bad experiences with cheap ones when cleaning cameras, but slightly more expensive ones, and not too close, should be ok. or I’ll use my airline!

You can get plug-in electric air dusters (e.g. CompuCleaner Xpert) that are safer than many compressed air cans, as they only blow out dry air.

The first thing my wife said when she saw in a shop was “dust trap”, and would not want it as an alternative to the radio she uses simply for that reason, which over-rides sound quality for her.

In my view it is simply bad design. I know that front mounting is inhibited by the speakers, but why the dish?

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A regular gentle suction with the duster end of a vacuum cleaner is your friend.

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A Q-Tip cotton swab might work

I clean mine by asking the wife to hold it upside down and compressed air.
Gravity is on my side then :slight_smile:

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I think it weighs 10kg!

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10kg is normally what a remote weighs in the hifi world. My former Line Magnetic was 43kg. Now that’s a beast.

Pump it! :sunglasses:


Pump up the volume


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