Cleaning Top Surface of Naim Amps

May I ask on the proper cleaning methods to remove dust from the top surface of Naim amps? As the case has a rather rough finish, most fabric cleaning cloth does not seem to be suitable for the job as the fine strands of the cloth will get stuck to the rough finish when the cloth goes over the top surface of the amp. Any other better ideas. Will a feather duster work better?

Any advice would be appreciated.

For dust, a microfiber duster or cloth should catch everything - I’ve had no issues with snagging unless using cheap rags or paper towels. For the areas around buttons and knob crevices, an air duster. For fingerprints, in the shop we used a 1:1 mix of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water with a paper tower. Anything the towel leaves is caught by the duster. However, at home I find Windex is fine for removing fingerprints with no residue.

This topic has come up in several threads and there seem to be many methods preferred by different users. As long as you are not using any detergent that is harsh on the fascia then any method that suits is fine. Naim even have a preferred brand of UK Window Cleaner - though I suspect it is just Windex with green dye instead of blue.

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Thanks for the information. I will try to look for a high quality microfiber cloth. I tried using air duster to clean the tweeter and woofer of my speakers but am a little concerned as the compressed air seems to contain water in it. Perhaps a small amount of water in compressed air may not be harmful when cleaning areas around knob crevices.

I use a motorised one. Not only is it about 100x more powerful than the canned ones, but there is no risk of the straw flying off. I have that happen from time to time with the canned ones and luckily it has never fired off into a drive unit.

But if you do go the motorised route, be warned they are so much more powerful than the canned ones you do not want to fire them directly at a driver. Hit the cabinet and let the air flow over the tweeter or hold it a meter away from the tweeters. I used one to clean inside an old computer recently. Luckily I did it outside because it was like an explosion of dust in all directions.

For delicate jobs, a hairdryer on both the turbo and cold setting works too.


I think that Naim recommend Astonish Tile and Glass Cleaner for the black box metal casings.

Available by mail order, I’ve been using it for years. Just squirt in on in a light mist, then rub off gently with a J Cloth while the case is still damp.


Swiffer :+1: Also possible so dust them under with this. Never ever use compressed air. I’ve tried a couple and all leave some fluid.

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I use a damp microfibre cloth. If they’re really dusty, wash it out and do it again to get rid of more dust. I never touch any of my equipment with any chemicals or cleaners.

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I seem to remember seeing Astonish window cleaner being used to clean the casework.

Years ago my dealer recommended non-silicone Wood Silk polish (still available from most big supermarkets). This really does give everything a very ‘new’ look but use sparingly as it goes a long way!

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damp cloth and soft paint/ make up brush for the crevices…

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That wouldn’t clean anything, though, it would just remove the dust.

Solvent free glass cleaner and damp micro fibre cloth as others have said above.

Brings up fascias and casing like new.

Weekly task for me, what with two large cats and a boxer in the household. Here’s the current state of our Supercap for example….

Our speakers (piano black) just need a damp micro fibre cloth.

I use a small attachment on my hoover with bristles, takes everything right off

A clean or new, unused paint brush will shift the dust. Simple.

If it’s simply a case of removing dust, rather than dirt, dog slobber, cat wee and the like, what’s wrong with a yellow duster? I’ve owned Naim for 40 years, never used anything but a yellow duster, and all my equipment has stayed good as new. Maybe the secret is in the fact that they are always yellow.

Also pro Swiffer. It has a telescopic stick with a movable head, so good for shelved unit too.

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As some others have alreay said, a damp microfibre cloth. The key is exactly how damp. So, fully wet then wring out as best you can. It us surprising what things this method can clean. No nasty chemicals required. Just water. ( the ionic properties of water make it a great solvent)

I find Astonish Glass & Tile, or similar, on a small soft sponge used with a scrubbing (round & round) action followed by a wipe dry with an e-cloth does an excellent job.

this is what I use superb non water based, brings Black boxes up like new

I use a piece of microfibre cloth as well. Works well enough for me.

Given how expensive Naim gear is, I’m astonished no one has replied with, “I use the servants. They get it clean every time.