Cloud Storage & Playback

To save having to have my NAS on 24/7 I am looking at the ability to move my music into the cloud and stream from there.

Has anyone tried this?

Experiences? Gotchas? Costs? Music quality?

I’m curious as to what service you’d use and how you would stream your own stored music from the cloud ?

Is your NAS costing a lot to run ?

How much music do you have? What device are you playing on?

Hi James,

Probably not - but due to family illness I am spending half my time away from home. Just seems wasteful to leave equipment on and unused.

The bigger problem is the Summer. As the box is in the loft it gets hot - I end up with a fan pointed at it to keep it below 60C controlled by a timer. I did try bringing it downstairs to a cooler part of the house, it didn’t help particularly.

Seeing if I can shift the issue.


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About 2TB.

Streaming to Meridian 210 & dCS NB.

Perhaps get a Smart power switch, e.g. Tapo T100. Great for remotely controlling, or setting up schedules. I brought a box of 4, purely to use on devices that didn’t need to be on 24x7. Of course not ever having owned a NAS, can you just power them off, or do they need to be shutdown.

Other option might be to move to a 2TB SDD or HDD (containing a copy of your music) and attach to your streamer - if that works on your streamer. It depends on whether the streamer will read the metadata on that drive like a Naim NDX2 does

The bigger issue for me is next summer.

The alternative consideration is something like using a Raspberry Pi 4 to build a USB based NAS. I won’t need any RAID solution as this would, in effect, be just another backup.

A bigger part of this issue may be my video library, which is 40TB. I won’t be placing this in the cloud, even if it works, as I believe the costs would be rather large. But I could place a subset of files in remote storage for the Summer months.

Musically I don’t want to just rely on Qobuz as I find my local files a tad better and I have a lot of files that are not available online, such as digitized LPs.

I am interested in finding out if anyone has tried this route as experience may prevent me from tripping over my own feet.

Ah I see - I understand now. I only use a NAS these days for temporary storage whilst ripping. General music storage is a 2Tb SSD drive in my Roon Nucleus so this is a fairly low powered server solution. Interested to see how others are doing this so I’ll be interested in answers to your original question.



PS - Sorry to hear about family illness issues.

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