Coaxial RCA to BNC Cable from Transport to NDAC

Hello Digital community! I just bought a refurbished fully updated NDAC and I’m running a Oppo BDP105D as the transport. I’m seeking advice on a RCA > BNC
Coaxial cable. I’m currently using a bright green Canare. I’m looking for quality, and perhaps a little warmer presentation. You input is highly appreciated.


Chord Shawline. I’ve just ordered one myself (running from an Oppo 205 to the BNC input of a Chord Qutest.

Hsllo TheKevster - I hear the Chord brand name a lot on the forum. I’ll look into it. My local dealer offered me a $120. Transparent 75ohm yesterday. Said it had warm presentation. It doesn’t have any “polls” or boxes like their other cables. Just a strait 75 ohm cable.
Thanks again, I’ll investigate the Chord.

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I use a toslink optical cable between a Squeezebaox touch and an Ndac. I prefer the optical to co-axial and it’s more natural/warmer.

I bought it at a car boot sale for a fiver. It was made in China, but the packaging did say it was made from glass fibres and was high quality. :heart_eyes_cat:

You can also try Blue Jeans Cable for an inexpensive option. I use one from them with my Oppo 105D in transport mode to a nDAC.

Hi Gracie – The Chord Company makes cables, while Chord Electronics, a completely different company, makes electronics, including very well-regarded DACs. Don’t get 'em mixed up!

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Transparent cables , are not. The best inexpensive s/pdif cable is probably Audioquest or Chord cables.

opus - interesting. I’ve used Audioquest on many levels. Speaker cables and interconnects. In fact I have a vintage pair of Audioquest Cheetah Interconnects. They were the first 100% silver XLR with 12V/DBS. Still a great cable. Solid bass! What level of Audioquest and Chord s/pdif are you referring too?

Don’t know. I use Audience AU24-SX. I think Audioquest Diamond is their least expensive all silver digital cable. Chord not sure of. Black Cat cables are very good they have a cable silver star 75 that’s excellent about $350.

I believe I’m going to order a Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Alive Level 1 RCA> BNC.

Good choice

Thanks! I’ll let you know how it works out.

Most BNC cables come with a little RCA adapter.

If you want something reassuringly expensive I suppose Naim’s DC1 cable deserves a mention (given that you’re using a Naim DAC and asking on the Naim forum!) It’s about £300 in the UK.

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Or Mark Grant Hdx1 , around 60 GBP

TOBYJUG - Thanks, I have several.

So many cables, so little time…

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When I auditioned a Rega DAC on my Naim Core I borrowed a Shawline, the result was rather underwhelming but as it was only a temporary arrangement until the NDs were updated I bought the DAC anyway as a Chord 2qute failed to satisfy and any going higher was more than I wanted to spend, I also have a spare Rega based system. Rather than the Shawline, however I followed a Thread on the old forum to a Belden 4974R from Bluejeans cables, with an RCA adaptor on one end it woke the Rega DAC up nicely and for a fraction of the cost of a Shawline let alone a DC1. It still baffles me why anyone fits only RCA sockets for digital coax that wants a 75Ω impedance.


Yeti - Am I correct in stating that the impedance of a 75ohm Coax is more stable if it is terminated RCA upstream and BNC downstream? (I could be way off)

Best if 75Ω BNC at both ends but I think one is better than none. I had an idea as to why after reading a brief primer on transmission lines but a member, @Simon-in-Suffolk who has a bit ore knowledge on the subject didn’t think much of my explanation.

You were called nutty elsewhere I believe, glad to see you made it over.