Collecting car models anyone ? please show us

Being a car enthusiast since birth, i started at the age of 5-6 with toy models which have gone pretty much all destroyed i still remember a Lotus F1 or F2 racer in green with yellow stripe and removable wheels, Ferrari 250 LM 1/43 and many others.
Fast forward to new millenium i have been back with more serious collection models and more recently with such lock down i enhanced and tied up my collecion
At the moment the most precious are a couple of Amalgam Ferrari 250 LM and 330 P/4.
CMC Ferrari 250 GT SWB TDF. Kiosho Ferrari 250 GTO, Various Alfa Romeo and Porsches
from Tecnomodel and some Lotuses and Alfa from Autoart

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I used to have a small collection. Mostly Matchbox cars when I was a kid. Unfortunately is long gone. It was stored to my ceiling and after some renovation all the cars together with my soldier and animal figures were gone. Now have only this classic BMW 507, year 1956. This is the car which Elvis used during his army time in Germany.


Bmw 507, Elvis one was white, it was a couple of years ago at Villa D’Este Concours D’ Elegance

Not exactly collecting to display as such, I do have a fair amount of model vehicles that I use on my model railway layouts.

Also, stashed away, I have some 1/25 scale kits to build of hot rods and small oval racers.


So here are a few,
Tecnomodel Alfas

Ferrari 330 P/4 & 250 P

Porsche 909 Bergspyders

Porsche 718 RSK s

Porsche 356 and 550 Panamericana

Autoart Alfa TZ & TZ2 Zagato

Schuco Porsche 550 Spyder & 911 Targa

CMC Ferrari 250 Swb Tdf, a real stunner ultradetaild model

Kyosho Ferrari 250 GTO s

Hot wheels Ferrari 250 LM probably even more significant than her ultracelebrated GTO relative

Amalgam Ferrari 330 P/4 probably the most beatiful Ferrari ever made

Porsche 918 Weissach Pack

Lotus Exige S2 190 , pretty the same as one i owned in the past

Lotus Elise S2 Type 25, as above + Type 49

A bunch of small scale Lotuses

… And Porsches

Definetely i was not realizing how much perilious is this itch for the wallet and for the space required, but you know the old Oscar Wilde’s adage…



It’s a bit congested, but:


Yes, you are correct. It is as shown on the picture.

Recently I watched the movie show “ Pawn Stars”. I like to watch it. With Chumlee and Rick Harrison.
One guy wanted to sell that Volkswagen model for 150 k.


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I built one of these a good few years ago in life size.

Not quite the same spec but nice to have an example anyway. I have scrappy Elise S2 and Stag model too. Also cars that I owned at various times too.


Here’s a few of my Alfa’s


Bit of a Bond fan, and been a bit of a collector over the years;

Also my Lego Caterham (I’m also a fan of the 60’s Prisoner TV series!);



Revell Ferrari California


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Bugatti Royale 1/12th


Packard V12 Monogram 1/24

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Wow. Have not looked at all the posts yet but I think you win. I’ll post some of my small collection when in get home to Michigan from wintering in AZ. We have same tasts. You have more than I. I used to be a dealer and specialized in European Sports cars. Love the Can-am series that Georgia Peach producted. Great collection. Terry Duffy

Not sure if I’m doing this correctly but here goes. I’m trying to post a few pictures of my car collection. Terry DuffyCar Collection (1) Car Collection (2) Car Collection (3) Car Collection Ferrari 1-43 Diecast Model (1) Ford F-40 1-43 size model Lola T-70 Models


Really Impressive !
Who’s the maker of 330 and 917’s ? I also have the Lotus 49 green/yellow, Exoto perhaps ?


I’m not really sure what I’m about to show fully comports with the intent of the thread but it does qualify as car “Vehicle” models and it does qualify as a collection.

These are some examples from some of the different sets which make up the whole collection … they are all die cast models and exquisitely painted … none of the vehicles have ever been taken out of their boxes … though there has been great pressure and temptation to do so at times …

This is an example of vehicles advertising detergents of the day:

This one is from a set advertising tea:

No set would be complete without an advertisement for a brewery/beer:

Closely followed by spirits:

This one was a particular favorite … Post Office vehicles from the early to mid 20th century:

Novelty vehicles:

Finish with a classic … 1930 Bentley:


From an early age I collected corgi dinky etc, always looked after them, had around 500. Sold the majority to a dealer for a song! Funds went to housemove. The pics

are a few that I kept.

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