Colour of Spring on DVD-A anyone?

So, my copy of “The Colour of Spring” by Talk Talk (on vinyl) turned up yesterday and out popped also a disk of the music.

So being a bit bored this morning…

Anyway, its a DVD-A. And my CD5si will not play that. So, I found an old Sony DVD player ( old enough that it has a SCART output) and connect it to the DVD player single S/PDIF coax output. Connected to my Qutest and it plays!
Not convinced its at 96Khz by Qutests colours, but so what. What does it sound like?

Well I’m quite surprised. As detailed as the vinyl yes. Better,don’t know.

But, for a 15+? year old (£50 new) player ( and the rest of not so old/not so £50 system) I’m impressed.

Never played a DVD-A disk before, but what has impressed me initially was how a cheapo DVD player could act so well as a transport. I’m expecting to be let down as I try CDs (now I’ve hooked it up). But…Given that I have ripped my CDs to NAS (as ALAC), this clearly could provide a cheap/effective way to play CDs rather that (what I did ) buy an expensive CD player in 2020.
Just need to find theremote now…

I used DVD Audio Extractor to rip the one I got with the LP.

You won’t be getting 24/96 from a DVD-A this way, probably just 16bit PCM stereo or maybe even 24/48.

Best to play it back on a DVD-A player or else rip it to 24/96 files.

Qutest colours suggest 48khz.
I’m going to be interested what a regular cd sounds like compared to the cd5si.
Just need to find an album where I have an album with 2 copies.

Is DVD-A different to a movie DVD with an audio track on it? On the back of the sleeve it says audio only DVD5

Looking at the codec info in VLC it looks like it might be 96/32

DVD-A uses Meridian Lossless Packing for the Audio to provide up to 24bit 192kHz resolution. DVD-A discs need to be replayed by a DVD-A MLP equipped player in order to replay the highest resolution tracks.

Also note that in order to prevent illegal copying the digital output on DVD and DVD-A players is usually limited to 48kHz.

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