Comfortable Garden Chair Recommendations

Our current garden comfy chairs are actually fishing chairs which are very well made and sturdy. However they are so low that getting up out of them from such a low height is actually quite an effort now I’m getting on a bit and I’ve recently twisted my leg with it.

Any recommendations for comfy chairs at a reasonable price, ie. sub £200 each? These really need to be fairly lightweight and without having to place soft padded seats and cushions on them, which are just a pain to deal with and store. Thanks.

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My wife loves sitting/ reclining in the garden. She likes the brand Lafuma. We got our from John Lewis ages ago.

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I must second the padded Lafuma chair. I’m in Canada and purchased mine for $400 cdn. I don’t know UK prices but suspect they might just be in your budget.

BTW. There are many knock-off brands that just aren’t as comfortable or well made.


My wife has a Lafuma recliner. It’s years old, has been restrung and is comfortable for her.

However, I too would be interested in a sub £200 chair just as the OP has asked about.

The lafuma and copies aren’t what I was looking for. Been to Dobbies and B&Q, Jl, not spotted anything that comes close.


The reclining ones are 149 euro here in Germany

Thanks people. Looks like Lafuma is the one to go for.

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