Components Stacked Above Each Other

Folks, please be gentle as this is just a temporary setup until I am able to find a more permanent solution by placing the amps on a proper rack. I am very well aware the system will be compromised in this stacking arrangement but wish to clarify that this setup is not the main system. It will only be used for some casual listening.

The ideal stacking arrangement is for the 282 to go on top the 250, and the NAPSC on top of Hicap DR. The 282/250 will need to be stacked in that manner. However, will it be OK for the NAPSC to go on top the Hicap DR? If not, I could place the NAPSC away from the Hicap DR but it will look a bit messy.

Thoughts appreciated.

Try it and compare? From the pic it does not appear to be a huge faff to move the little NAPSC?

I don’t know about the black series 250 but my olive 250 tends to run a bit hot after a long session so I don’t have anything directly on top.

Yes, will try. Although there will be a bit of work with the cabling, it’s still manageable.

Thanks for the information. This is the sort of experience or caution I’m looking for. Appreciate the feedback. When the 250DR was previously in use, I tried placing my palm on top of the amp and it didn’t feel hot. Just a little warm.

Ryder, if you haven’t already, I recommend placing some black paper under the rubber feet of the components so that the tops of the cases aren’t marked. I was bitten by this flaw in the paint finish with my first set of classic boxes, the marks were there for good and would not come out.

Also, it’s been interesting reading your thoughts over on the PF forum with regard to alternative amps!

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Thanks for the tip. I have placed white-coloured paper under the rubber feet of components that sit on top of the cases. The small cuts of paper are not visible in the photo but they are there.

Nonono, this is all wrong! Most users recommend black paper as per YetiZone’s advice for increased soundstage. (But some recommend blue)

(Just kidding :wink: )


Generally a gap between components is good, both for airflow and to minimise electromagnetic interaction. I have done previously using a block wood about the width of the feet and a couple of inches tall positioned each side front to back under the feet of the top unit. (Where there are air vents it needs care not to block.) Wood can be whatever colour you like! But if no marks wanted on the underneath unit you don’t want a finish that might bleed, and paper between could be used if in doubt.


Best to have the NAPSC a good distance away from all the lovely black boxes, hence the the long lead on it. The transformer can add a lot of noise.

This is from the Naim Power Supply User Manual:

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