Computer Program Clash ! - Expert Help Sought!

I recently installed “Open Office”, primarily so that I could read and correct my grandson’s geography homework which he had produced in the OpenOffice equivalent of PowerPoint.

To my dismay, ALL my MicroSoft Word documents are now labelled with the OpenOffice Logo rather than the more familiar MS Office Logo. I can still open them in Word, but this is no longer the default and I have to positively select MS Word as opposed to the OpenOffice default. The Excel and PowerPoint documents are still filed with the familiar MS Excel and PowerPoint Logos and open as such by default.

Are there any experts on the Forum who can advise :-

  • How do I restore my Word documents to the familiar MS Word Logo

  • How do I get the Word documents to open by default as MS Word

  • What other issues might I encounter and if so how do I fix them

  • How do I “uninstall” OpenOffice

Many thanks in advance

Cheers, Don

Pick one of your documents, right click to “Open With…”, select MS Word, and check the box which says “Always Use this App…”

Also, Start Menu/Control Panel/Default Programs then select “Set your default programs” will give you a list, at the bottom is “Choose default Apps by file type”…gives a very, very long list of every .xxx possible (well, almost)!!

To uninstall open office, it might have an dedicated uninstall icon in the start menu (I don’t know it that well), otherwise,

Start Menu/Control Panel/Programs and Features then scroll down the list and right click the offending item.

To Uninstall a program (Application) - Go to Settings - the COG icon

Then - Go to Apps

Select App from the list here + click to view the uninstall option button + proceed if sure.

If you right click a document you may not get “Open With”. You may just get “Open”.

To get “Open With” in these circumstances hold down the Shift button when you right click.

Worked ! I now have my Word Documents opening by default in MS Word.

I’ll tackle the “uninstall” function later. The version of OpenOffice that I have, doesn’t appear to have a dedicated uninstall icon.

Man thanks indeed.


My thanks also to Geoff and Mike in anticipation of also needing these pieces of information before too long !



Now that the default documents issue is sorted, I would consider keeping Open Office unless you need the space. It can prove useful. For instance, it can sometimes open a corrupt file where MS Office will not.

Thank you PW. That’s useful to know.

I wasn’t too sure about Open Office. It is probably just a coincidence but, shortly after downloading it and installing it, my printer flagged up “incompatible ink cartridge”.

The printer is an HP4480 all in one printer, scanner etc, about 4 years old and nothing special. Up until then it had been showing ink levels half full. By switching computer on/off and ditto the printer, I got it to print a couple more pages before it finally gave up, showing the colour cartridge “empty”

A new cartridge seems to work in the printer, but I haven’t had the courage yet to connect it to the computer, in case there is some sort of corruption link. Possibly with the Open Office installation.

I was planning to uninstall Open Office to reduce the risk ?

I can’t guarantee it but I suspect coincidence.

Known issues for a long time.

I also suspect it was a coincidence. However, rather than take a chance, I uninstalled OpenOffice before re-connecting the printer. It seems to be back to normal.

On the more positive front, I understand that my grandson is allowed to download and install up to five copies of Microsoft’s Office for free, under some deal through his school. Youthful lazyness appears to be the main reason this hasn’t yet happened !!

Thank you Mike, very useful.

I carefully read through a few of those issues and as a result decided that it would be safest to delete OpenOffice rather that take another chance. Fortunately I had a new ink refil cartridge available and all seems well again.

Just need to order new cartridges now. You never seem to get much warning as to when they are about to run empty. That might well be what happened, but it certainly wasn’t obvious.

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Get a Mac :sunglasses::+1:


Aarrrgggghhhh ! :sunglasses:

After Punched cards; punched tape; KDF9; Fortran; Algol; MOSS and goodness knows how many other bespoke engineering programs and Sun; BBC Model B and Basic; Windows 95 on a Dell Dimension XPS D266 (still in use for accounts) and an IBM ThinkPad with Windows XP and Office … change, change, change …

… but … Mrs D does have a MacBook Pro …

… and I do have an i-Pad Mini 4 with moving maps …

But a Mac, to replace a PC … whoooh ?? that’s a step too far :sunglasses:

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I know, but Windows settings makes your brain teasers look like a walk in the park…

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It’ll be fine ! (on Friday) probably !

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