Concert Memorabilia

Prompted by a 1980’s day of music from Planet Rock on Monday, I decided get my concert programs out of the loft in these lockdown days
What memorabilia from concerts do you have!
My 80’s Monsters of Rock programs

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Frank Zappa 's “Broadway the Hardway” tour. Me and a friend pitched up at the gig and went straight to the ticket office and got good seats on the night, avoiding the scalpers outside Wembley Arena

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This reminds me of my most embarrassing recent moment (there have been many others over the years!).

My wife and I had been invited, for the first (and possibly last) time to dinner at the home of the co-ordinator for the charity with which my wife volunteers. It turned out the husband and I had a shared interest in hifi and 60/70s rock music. After dinner I was invited to his ‘man cave’. Well…the music and equipment for playback can be left for another time, but his greatest pride and joy, mounted all over the walls and ceiling, was his extensive collection of programmes, ticket stubs, autographs, selfies with ‘stars’ and assorted tasteless paraphernalia. I think, but I’m not altogether sure, that I avoided laughing out loud! Harmless I know, but his degree of enthusiasm (in a 70yr old) was more that expected from a 7 yr old!

It’s not the collecting itself which I struggle with (although fortunately, apart from ripped CDs, it’s not a trait I share at all), but the unreasonable expectation that another, almost unknown to them, person should share their enthusiasm.

Good idea for a thread, Ironcobra,I’ve kept all my ticket stubs,programs etc,although these days are not quite the same,what with printing your own tickets half the time. Keep my tickets in an old upturned festival hat,programs are largely kept in a trunk,but do get them out occasionally,nice to reminisce sometimes.A lot of programs including,Bowie,Roxy Music,Cockney Rebel,Thin Lizzy,Captain Beefheart,Peter Gabriel,to name just a few.

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