Concerts Post Lock Down

What concerts post lockdown are you looking forward to?

We have tickets for Herbie Hancock supported by Alfa Mist at the Botanical Gardens in Madrid, Spain on July 26th and I’m so hoping I get to go. We missed Paul Weller in Valencia last July due to Covid but hopefully it’s different this year.

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Ah, concerts! We have Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham on 4 October and Eddi Reader on the 6th, both moved from last year. On Friday I booked the wonderful ska outfit Maroon Town for the 16. One for our friend @Dreadatthecontrols


George Thorogood and the Destroyers at York Barbican on July 30th.

How sweeeeeet it is!


Thanks - you’ve just picked my listening for later tonight

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Yes we will be having them again in Shoreham soon and postponed til next year the brilliant legendary Bristol reggae band Talisman
Edit @hungryhalibut just confirmed 8th Aug

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I’m not that up on Eddi Reader but do know her from the track below she did with
1 Giant Leap also featuring Mahotella Queens and Revetti Sakala .

She came to fame with Fairground Attraction and has grown into a superb folk singer. A lot of our stuff is folky but Maroon Town are a great change. It would be great if a few of you could come down if you are vaguely local. We have Skerryvore in November, who are a superb Celtic band.

You must venture across the border. You’ll then have the joy of me serving you a beer.

Beth Hart
York Barbican. 31st October

Last year I was looking forward to my first Glasto.

This year I hoped to go, but nope.

Next year…maybe, but I’m not convinced we’ll be out of all this by then…but who knows.

Just keep rolling our tickets over.

Beyond that, nothing booked at all.

Nothing planned at the moment. But hopefully, there will be some free concerts in the street parties around where I live this summer and get to see a lot of great local bands and catch up with friends.

We are seeing her supporting Skippinish in July hopefully,0put off from last year

Only one?

Hastings Reggae Festival still going ahead

One Love Festival looks doomed, hopefully they can pull through but looking unlikely, very sad about that.

All other gigs we had booked have gone west.

For the past 15 years, we’ve gone to either Scarborough Jazz Festival or Burton Agnes Hall Jazz Festival both are long weekend events. Nothing last year though, the Scarborough one postponed to this September, last time I looked I couldn’t find anything about the Burton Agnes Hall one.
So we’re off to Scarborough, campsite booked.

Just had a look the Burton Agnes Hall jazz festival is back on again this year.

Hopefully Ramblin’ Man Fair in Maidstone in Mid July… All fingers and toes are crossed…

After a year have we all gotten used to having no social life?

A year ago today we where in Spain and went to our local Chinese ‘Tat’ Store the guy behind the counter had a face mask on and was behind a plastic screen it all felt very strange and we actually had a good old laugh about it over dinner that night .

The following day March the 9th we flew home and at Valencia Airport we noticed lots of people in masks especially those flying in we boarded our flight came home and the rest is history.

My other half has suffered much, much more than I have without a social life perhaps I’m more resilient or just an anti social old git but for her more than me I hope by mid Summer we’re all able to attend concerts.

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Glad to say that Giles Petersen’s We Out Here festival is planned for August. The cream of new Brit Jazz will be there plus DJ stuff I don’t understand. It was excellent 2 years ago. So boldly got tickets and booked a hotel in nearby St Ives Cambs (too soft for camping - drive or cab it over every day).

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Eric Clapton - RAH
Jeff beck - RAH

Annoyingly The Who at RAH got cancelled

Got tickets for the Blockheads. Gig keeps moving forwards so may get to see them this year.