Cone flapping

Following my post about my new Kudos 707 speakers, one worry is that when I play my rega P8 and turn up the volume the cones on the speakers start vibrating or flapping.
It doesnt happen on any other source so must be something with the turntable or phonostage which is the Superline. Can anyone help? will this damage the speakers ?

I assume that the cones vibrate in order to produce the music, otherwise there would be no sound.

I have QUAD ESL57s, and I have seen them ‘naked’ in the Factory. When music is played, you see the Mylar film move.

Flapping cones, as opposed to rhythmically music moving with the music, is generally due to some subsonic interference. If only from a turntable, and only when playing a record, is there any visible up and down movements of the headshell, such as when the record is warped? Or is there any side to side movement, such as happens with an eccentric record? Those are both very likely suspects. With my first TT, idler wheel imperfections manifested themselves in that manner!

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Rumble from the turntable. Some phono stages has a rumble filter and there are also products that can be bought to remove this.

Yep my Sondek provokes that…particularly if you have a slight warp… it is ultra low frequency…should not be a problem unless you are listening at higher volumes…

Yes, could be a significant issue if/when you play loud.

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You may need to isolate your Rega turntable from low frequency bass vibrations coming via the floor. You are not the first person to experience this, especially if your turntable is positioned on a heavy chest of drawers or Hifi Racks brand of stand.

SRM Tech do very cost effective isolation platforms for Rega turntables, so may be worth a try. I tried one under my Moon phono stage and it worked a treat. Tried another under a NAC52 and the music died, so it’s a case of try and see.

Hope this helps, BF

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