Confused about flagged posts

Just had notification of a list of older posts about the direction of inflation taken down. Couldn’t see anything contentious there. What gives?

Well inflation is going down so perhaps the same thing has happened to your posts


Like that.

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Politics banned. Hard to discuss inflation without talking politics I’d guess.

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Given that inflation is managed by an independent bank it should be entirely possible.

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Indeed, no politics involved. Hard to see how a chart showing past CPI and consideration of next steps by the BoE or Fed is political. Odd.


Yup, monetary policy is not fiscal policy

There were some possibly political posts (or posts that might well beg a political response) flagged up as well as some charts posted that were unaccredited and without references. IIRC, some fine, some not.

Same confusion here for the most part, as I think people were actively discussing economic strategies used rather than actual political policies, though I may have inadvertently mentioned the treasury (when I probably meant BoE, though maybe not).

I did actually wonder if the moderator might be some kind of experimental AI based moderation, more likely a swathe of related posts got deleted as it would be too much work otherwise or leave too many out of context replies.

Probably the FCA. Already big users of AI apparently. Not big on discussion. Very keen on demonstrable customer outcomes. Even if those outcomes are appalling.

Must admit I’m very wary of AI, but am starting to think I should investigate it myself as the kids will almost certainly start using it and it would be useful to at least understand the capabilities better.

… but wasn’t :slight_smile:

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