Serious question, I really don’t understand the differences between a ‘trade member’ being able to post and a company like Witch Hat not being able to respond to comments about their business.
No beef in this, just need to understand the logic please, Richard?

I suppose one is selling Naim kit. The other is modifying Naim kit (amongst other services) which goes against the forum AUP.

:thinking: possibly

To me it seems entirely inappropriate for any company to use a platform provided by a competitor to resolve its customer service issues. If you had a dispute or service request for Linn, Rega, or any other of Naim’s many competitors, would you expect any of them to use Naim’s forum to respond?


Even trade members are very restricted in what they can post.

On here, the title “Trade Member” is there to tell you that the poster is a Naim dealer or Distributor. They have very tight rules within which they can post, but their advice and feedback on Naim kit is generally welcomed.

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So promote Naim? Fair enough!

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