Congratulations Clare

Seconded, thirded, fifthed, tenthed…

Enjoy your new job. I’m sure you’ll be a :star2:, as you have been here!

Funny I get a load of hits about the Rolling Stones

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Happy career move Clare :grinning::rooster::flight_departure::pound:🪜 :pound::pound::pound:

Congratulations, Clare.

And thanks for all that you did for Naim.

All the best

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I was already imagining the staff ‘dissy’ on the Irresistible Chilean Sauvignon blanc from the Leyda Valley, not forgetting their Irresistible pizzas.

Congrats Clare!

Congratulations to Clare :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I recommend following her on Twitter.


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Job title has a nice ring to it, “senior associate director”……

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Congratulations, Clare, and all the best to you. Thanks for everything!

All the best from here, too!

Thanks Richard.

Missed this! Many congratulations Clare, and thank you for all you work on the forum. I’ve not been around here long but your tireless posting keeping us informed about developments was very much appreciated.

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