Congratulations Clare

Wish you all the best in your new venture. I thought you did a good job here and had a lot of patience.


As the Count says, all the best in the new (and continuing) role. I hope we’ll still see you on here.

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Bit of a cryptic thread - what’s happened?

Ah, thanks.

That explains her absence lately i suppose.

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Yes, I wish Clare the very best in her new role. I know it’s an opportunity she just couldn’t let pass by but I’m pleased to see that she will still be doing PR for Naim and Focal.


Took me a while to work out it wasn’t the Co-op but the coop. Doh!


Clare - I join with everyone in wishing you all the very best. I think it should also be acknowledged that no matter the issue or the challenge you have always faced head on either here or on other social media. Thank you.

Best regards,



‘joins the coop’ sounded very political to me. One character difference …

Carry on milking the cash cow. :cow2:


Congratulations from me as well.

(Of course, as an alum, I thought it was the Harvard Coop.)

Is there a job going, and do you get staff discounts?


What is the Red Rooster referred in the article ? With google I find only the restaurant chain.

Look at the url of the press release. It’s on the little red rooster site. It’s a PR company.

In fact if you tap the chicken thing in the top left of their release, it takes you to their home page.

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IIRC Naim have a careers page on the website listing roles where they’re interested in hiring new people. You could contact if you’re interested.

Pleased to discover Clare’s absence was for a good reason. Wishing her happiness and success in her new role.

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So no longer Naim staff?

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Aw ra best Clare, in yer noo venture … … … goan yersel’ hen, as they say. :rofl:


Best wishes Clare I’m sure you’ll be a success.