Connect DJ controller to Naim Atom


I want to connect my Pioneer DDJ-1000 controller to my Naim Atom which is connected to 2x KEF R3 bookshelf speakers.

Can I simply connect my master output (RCA unbalanced) to the Atoms RCA input?

I was told by a friend I would need a preamplifier to avoid blowing the Atom, something to do with signal already being preamplified by the DDJ1000. I’m not an expert like all of you and I want to confirm this is fake news before I try.

In future I may get some XLR cables. How do I connect them to the Atom then?

Reference: ddj-1000 outputs


That should work fine. Stick with the RCA unbalanced.

Are you sure? The master output looks like it’s variable, recommended for output to a power amp

Would it be best to ensure the master output volume was turned right down to start with?

It’s perfectly safe, but yes you should probably start with it turned down and gradually raise it to the desired listening level


I couldn’t see anything better that was specifically a line out. But yes, if it is variable then the OP should find a suitable level on the DJ controller.


Thanks for your prompt replies. I’ll give it a go and lean towards lower master output volume on DJ controller and higher volume on Naim.

What is ‘OP’?

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