Connect Innuos zen mini mk 2 to naim uniti 2

I have browsed the forum and there are similar questions to this but I believe this to be different
Simple query:
If I wanted to use my Zen mini mk2 as a player into my Uniti 2 (as opposed to using uPnP as I do now ), would I just need a lead from the USB output of the Zen Mini mk2? If so, what lead would work (USB to toslink, for example)?
I assume I would not need a DAC as the input to the Uniti 2 would be digital?

Something like this will do it. This is the m2tech hiface usb to coax converter. There are a few similar devices on the market.

What is it about UPnP that you don’t like? Innuos will be introducing Ethernet functionality in beta version to its servers in Q1 2002. The M2 is a good budget solution if you’re very curious in the meantime but Innuos support may install the LMS workaround for you to play with if you ask them nicely….

Similarly I use a Meridian Explorer (Mk 1)’s optical output to connect the USB DAC output of my Zenith Mk III to one of the optical inputs on the NAC-N 272.


Note the optical (digital) output was discontinued in the Explorer II apparently as not many owners took advantage of it……


Thanks for the M2tech suggestion, I’ll have a look at that
Secondly (and I hope Naim review their forums as they don’t respond to my emails requesting support):
I like upnp and it works great with my Sonos system but it is the upnp end on the Uniti 2 (or is it the Naim app) that is poor
Every time I select upnp on the uniti, it starts from scratch searching for servers and when it finds the Zen it then takes ages to load up the music plus the search function doesn’t work so I have to scroll through all the music to find the LP I want. I could go on…
It would be quicker to run upstairs and get the CD!

sorry for the rant but naim has beautiful hardware and awful software at least on the Uniti 2 in my experience

I got an M2Tech HiFace to connect my Innuos Zen Mk2 to my Naim DAC. Found one on eBay for a tad over fifty quid. Works perfectly.

Something’s not right here; my uq2 which is a similar generation wrt Naim upnp capabilities has no such difficulty. It’s pretty much instantaneous with my jriver upnp server software. Perhaps there’s a network issue, is your uniti wired?
(FYI Naim support don’t habitually monitor the forum.)

I cleared the image cache from the naim app on my iphone (I seem to recall this being suggested in a previous thread) and interestingly the upnp loads much quicker now
I’ve no idea why that would work but there you go
ps Judging by other people’s comments on here I had already guessed that Naim support didn’t listen in to the forum (perhaps they should)

For information, I have now ordered a new Innuos Zen mini mk3 (I had been contemplating an upgrade soon) and I will use my Zen mini mk2 to replace an old Vortexbox server in another system , as the VB is on it’s last legs
Thanks to all for your helpful responses

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Do you really need two servers? Perhaps they are in different locations, but otherwise one should be able to serve music to several streamers on the network.

They will be in different locations, I should have mentioned that

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