Connect NAC 172 with remote NAS


I am trying to connect over the internet to a Nas. How can i configure Naim nac to find this device?
I have a synology Ds218play that uses quickconnect over an URL. I DS Audio is on my mobile but there is no option to let it search for an URL. Mediaserver is also running. Same issue, no url to point to.

Hi, if there’s a UPnP server running on the NAS the 172 should find it. No configuration required, it should appear in the UPnP input. Whether this can be found outside your LAN I wouldn’t know.

I believe you can connect to a Synology on a remote network using Synology DiskStation.
As I understand it (but never used it myself) to be a web-based system that connects to & manages network attached NAS across multiple locations.
Like I say, I’ve not used it myself, but maybe worth you investigating.

Certainly that’s true, but I don’t think that would help a NAC 172 interact remotely with a upnp server running on the NAS at the other location.



I believe the link is Synology QuickConect.
This feature that lets you access your Synology DiskStation Manager interface remotely.
They say … You’ll then have access to your NAS’s user interface just like you would if you were at home.

That is what i thought too, by a pc where some service is running and possibly map the address to to a remote url.

Yes that is what i use but for applications to run they must be installed on the pc. Many apps on the synology dont run remote either, you can only start and stop them. There is a music server software for the pc, minimserver and Asset are popular. Whit minimserver i dont have this remoe stuff eithrr. Asset i still have to find out.

I would definitely NOT put a NAS directly on a wan. Exposing it to the internet by opening ports is likely to result in a breach, so I would turn of upnp and close open ports.
If you need to access the NAS remotely install a vpn server on your router if it is compatible. Mine isn’t so I use Wireguard on a Raspberry Pi. However that in itself is not going to allow your Naim streamer to connect to the remote network as it doesn’t support a vpn client.

You are likely right to be carefull. I own my nas and naim not so long and travel between two locations. I think i have to look for an extra nas i guess

You should, in any case, have a backup or two of your music files, and ideally at least one of these should be in a different location. Perhaps this is a good time to do it?

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