Connect NDX to AppleAirport Extreme

I have been trying to connect my NDX (Not NDX2) to my Apple Extreme via WIFI but with no luck. It is the only WIFI device in my home who can not connect. It can not even see the network. I have been in the world of google to try to find a solution but again, no luck. Cable connection is NOT an option so you do not have to suggest it ! Can somebody help. Thanks

By the way. Be gentle. I am not a IT expert.

Assuming Wifi is enabled on the NDX, I’m wondering if your AE is set to 5GHz rather than dual band (5 and 2.4). Can it see any networks at all ? I take it you’ve looked at Wireless setup in the manual ?

The 1st generation Naim streamers are not famous for their WiFi performance, and should ideally be used with a wired Ethernet connection. If you really can’t manage this, I would connect an Airport Express to it and let that handle the wireless connection back to the Extreme.

And you have attached the antenna in the back of the NDX?

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