Connect non naim player

Hey :grinning: can I connect a non Naim network player to aux2 in & pwr to my naim xs 2?

Aux2 & pwr is really for connecting a Naim phono amp (and provides power via that socket too). It’s also a 240’ DIN socket rather then the usual 180’ DIN input sockets to allow a SNAIC5 cable to be used.

Why can’t you use one of the other inputs ?

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I just wanted to try something out. This is the only socket that only has din and. Ot rca. I am hunting the source of some interference noise.

Ah ok - I suspect that wouldn’t help. What problems are you having with interference ?

From time to time I ear alight crackle from the speakers when no music is played. The guys from naim Germany meant is probably some usb power brick. So I moved all audio devices to one power strip, changed all power cables to Shunyata Venom/HC, except the subwoofer (the subwoofer cable is also on the way). Everything made the issue much better, but still there is slight crackle, that I correlated to neighbor activity.

Also thinking of capping all unused inputs on the amp and the xlr ouputs of my Auralic Altair G1. If all fails maybe bite the bullet and get a slightly better power strip.

It could be just mains related if it’s only an occasional crackle. Another electrical device switching on/off elsewhere in the house perhaps. How often does it happen ?

Have you always had this occasional crackle or did you start to notice it after changing something in the system ?

I changed the amp and player … then started to notice it. Happens mostly when my neighbor wakes up in the morning, other than this occasionally, not very often. With the new cables is hardly noticable.

What’s your system - its not listed in your profile ?

Naim nait xs2 → shunyata venom hc
Chord clearway 2rca → din
Auralic altair g1 → shunyata venom
Highcap dr → shunyata venom
Kef ls50meta → viablue sc4
Kef r400b → 2x viablue nf-b

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