Connect NPX300 to 332 or 333

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t very clear.

You connect the Soltice to the NPX300 using the Type 2 connector cable and have the NPX TT only powering the NCV TT. The manuals for both the NPX300 and NPX TT should have the relevant diagrams. Though I would expect your dealer would show you how to do this.

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Thanks for the information!
I will check with my dealer

Today I have had my listening session. I listened to the different set-ups in the following order to Streaming Audio and to Vinyl (on the Solstice):

  1. 222/300/350’s, my current set-up
  2. 333/332/350’s, so without 300
  3. 333&300/332/350’s
  4. 333/332&300/350’s

Set-up 2:
When I started to listen to streaming audio this was a little bit disappointing. I heard more details in the music but in my opinion the 222/300 combination has more punch and is more dynamic. However, listening to the Solstice was a great experience on the 332.

Set-up 3:
I started listening to the streamer and the addition of the NPX 300 was immediately noticeable. Instead of listening to music I was experiencing the music. Same experience with the Solstice as set-up 2.

Set-up 4:
I started listening to the Solstice and I have to admit that this time I was very impressed. Never listened to a better set before. Also listening to NSS333 in this set-up was very nice. I could not hear much difference compared to set-up 3.

The conclusion is that I will go for the upgrade (trade in my 222 for a 332/333 combo) and connect the NPX 300 to the NAC332. In my opinion this is the best compromise to get the best out of the Solstice and have very good SQ with the NSS333. Maybe in the future I will consider the purchase of a 2nd NPX 300 :wink:


Did you mean connect the NPX 300 to the NAC 332 in your conclusion?

Yes - correct. I have updated my post.
Thanks for the remark!

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You’re welcome :grinning:.

Good to read about your findings. Streaming only for me and I kept my 300 with the 332 same as you. Last week I bought the second NPX300 to use on the 333. A nice uplift to the sound with clearer nuances, adding to the enjoyment of the music.

I am at the stage where I don’t have to worry about the sound of the system - I just concentrate on the music which to be fair, I did anyhow before the 2nd NPX300.

It is nice to sit down and experience the great soundstage and also great when going about other activities with the music playing in the background.

The 300 system is fantastic and I wonder how long we will have to wait until you post about adding your 2nd NPX300 :wink:


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