Connect NPX300 to 332 or 333

I am currently the proud owner of a 222/300/2x350 set with Sopra’s No2.
As a real audiophile I am already thinking about my next upgrade :innocent:
I consider to replace my 222 for a 332/333 combo and want to keep the NPX300. As I am listening mainly to vinyl and discover new music via streaming I think it will be the best to connect the 300 to the 332. Will this be the best upgrade or do you recommend to connect the 300 to the 333?

Connecting the NPX 300 to the NAC 332 sounds a sensible idea to make the most of both your vinyl and streaming sources. As you say, you listen mainly to vinyl so adding the NPX 300 to the NSS 333 isn’t going to gain you anything on the vinyl side. I’m assuming you’ll be getting a separate phono stage (if you don’t have one already) when you move to the NAC 332 ?


Yes I already have the NVC TT phonostage (part of the Solstice set).

Perfect :+1:

I suppose you also have the option of powering the NVC TT from the 8 pin DIN socket (input 6) on the NAC 332 (something you can also do on the DIN input on the NSC 222) compared to powering the NVC from the NPX TT, shared with the TT ?

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Yes - correct, that is possible.
However, in my current set-up the phono stage and the turntable are both powered by the NPX TT.

You could even use the NPX300 to power the turntable :astonished: (not the phono stage). Source first and so on… But I would expect the maximum benefit on the preamp. You never know until you try with your own ears though.

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I found this comparison on line.


Would be interesting to find a review with the complete 300 series (333/332/350) with one and two NPX300s.

Interesting article! However, this makes the choice quite difficult.
I have made appointment with my dealer next week for a listening session, so hopefully I know more soon!

I am a little confused. You have a 222 with NPX300 and 350 power amps - what are you considering as your 300 already improves both streamer and preamp?

Maybe swapping 222 to 333/332 and keeping NPX300?

Looking forward to your findings.

Yes, I want to swap the 222 for a 332/333 combo and keeping the 300. The question is if it is better to connect the 300 to the 332 or 333.

I have the 333/332 with 300/350 at the moment and never tried the 300 on the 333. I enjoy the sound of my 4 box amp (332/300/350) with bare 333. @clog has a similar system and he seems to prefer the 300 on his 332. However, he may be considering upgrading to non-Naim elements within his system. Apologies @clog if I am inaccurate in any way.

Personally, I have used the 300 with my 332 to maximise the potential of my amplification (at least within the realms of the 300 system) but I have also ordered a second 300 to use with my 333.

I am not an ‘upgrader’, more of a ‘massive leap’ person. This latest move means I will have a 6 box maxed out 300 series and therefore no need/desire/want/means to upgrade!

My next move is a Puritan PM156 6 way mains conditioner which should arrive in a couple of weeks.

I really look forward to your assessment of where you feel the 300 will be best placed, your 333 or 332.


The only way. Just thrust your ears.
Hope you enjoy your session.


:+1: thanks!

I have already told my dealer about the different set-ups in which I want to listen to Streaming audio and Vinyl (Solstice):

  1. 333/332/350’s, so without 300
  2. 333/332&300/350’s
  3. 332&300/332/350’s

Will let you know the outcome!


Naim recommends that if you have a 332 and 333 and only one 300 you use it on the streamer for a streamer-based system. However, which a Solstice I think I would try it on the TT and leave the power supply just for the phono stage, especially if the TT is your main source.

In my recent demos the 333/332 sounded better to my ears (more detail, coherence and distinct musical strands) than 222/300, although the latter still sounded very good. Unfortunately, 333/332 are beyond my immediate budget / willingness to spend, so I settled for a 222/250 for now.

It is not clear to me how to connect the NPX 300 to the NVC TT. The NVC TT includes 8-pin DIN power connection but the NPX 300 does not include this type of connection. I can only connect the NPX 300 to the Solstice turntable itself.

You cannot connect the npx 300 to the phono stage. There’s a dedicated power supply for that, which is the NPX TT.

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Yes I agree.

So the question remains if I should connect the NPX 300 to the 332 or 333. Based on the “Source first philosophy” it is better to connect it to the 332 for listening to vinyl and to connect it to the 333 for streaming.

I hope the listening session will give more clarity.