Connect NSC222 to SN3?

Can I connect a nsc222 to a sn3 and use the sn as an amp only?
What would be the best way to do this? Use the rca out on the 222 and connect this to the av in on the SN?

Yes - Use cable assembly 0246 to connect the NSC222 to SN3 power amp in socket.

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 17.38.32

You’ll need to pull the link plug on the SN3 and set it into Power Amp mode.


Could you explain to me why this would be preferable over RCA out on 222 to RCA in AV bypass on SN?

Either way would work, but you’d have to try both options and see which connection you prefer. I’d also suggest that using the SN3 in Power Amp mode removes the pre-amp power draw from the SN3 PSU so possibly giving better performance from that option over using the SN3 in AV bypass mode.

In a sense, this is a question best directed at your dealer, since there are v v few used examples out there, given the pre/streamer is less than a year old. Your prerogative, but simply why would you, against an existing streamer?
NSC222 is a great unit, but pre-loved there are some great bargains via dealers for outgoing streamers and other kit, on a vfm basis.

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