Connect Stageline to SN2 or also to FlatCap XS?

From memory, my 2400 had a metal body. This probably partly explains its desirable clean, fast sound with a Stageline N.

I may be writing to much on this thread but as a naim fan I must say that I am very disappointed.
Having to buy a new Stageline for the sake of getting the special naim sound and not getting a smile once hearing the results.
Any phonostage, on this level, gives you the option to adjust parameters to adjust the cartridge to the stage but here you don’t get this option.
So i would expect recommendations from naim about preferred cartridge with characteristics that fit the Stageline…

Sorry again for writing too much… it is just some frustration going out…

I wouldn’t get too hung up on having a Naim phonostage. If you prefer the sound of the MF stage then just stay with that.


Audio Technicas, Goldrings, Grados, Dynavectors (LOMC), Ortofons, Linns… in general the forum reports good results with the Stageline. I may have missed a few.

But James’ advice looks very wise.

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Got the Stageline N delivered but now i’m waiting for a cable so i can try it out. My cartridge is a Linn K9 and gonna report back how it sounds compared to my Rega Fono RIAA :slight_smile:


When I had the same set up I found it was better attached to the flatcap xs. I also ran my tuner off the flatcap

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I predict good things :slight_smile:

Presumably you are waiting on the arrival of the 4-5pin interconnect. I think you are going to be pleased.

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Going for snaic5 to connect thru the supernait 1st and after trying that out i’m going for a connection to the FlatCap - just to see what gives the most PRaT :slight_smile:

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