Connect Stageline to SN2 or also to FlatCap XS?

Hi all, first post here and it’s a question about how to connect my new RIAA to my amp: what is the best way to connect a Stageline to a Supernait 2?

I have a free slot on my FlatCap XS that I was thinking of using to power the RIAA - or would i benefit even more if I power it directly from the Supernait 2?

Kind regards

I suppose it’s worth trying it in both configurations to see what you find best.

The Aux2 in & pwr socket on the SN2 to which you’d connect the Stageline when just using the SN2, benefits from the DR supply within the SN2.

If you try out the Stageline powered by the FC XS then you’ll also need a 4-5 pin DIN interconnect cable in addition to a SNAIC5.


Thank you very much!

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Hi all,
Maybe I should have opened a new discussion but topic seems to be the same…
I run XS2 with Hicap and just bought Stageline N with two sockets.
Should I use the 5 pin cable to power the Stage through the Hicap?

Thanks for the help

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You won’t be able to use the Hicap to power both the XS2 and the Stageline at the same time.

I’d leave the Hicap connected to the XS2 and connect the Stageline via a SNAIC5 to the Aux 2 in & pwr socket on the XS2.


Thank you.
Just making sure - green side of cable is XS2 side?

If you are referring to the Snaic5 between the Stageline and the amp, the band goes at the Stageline end, as shown in the manual. The band always goes at the music source.

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I actually swapped between phono-stage of Music-Fidelity and the Naim Stageline, thinking that, having XS2 with HC2, the stageline should be the way to go.
First impression is that the sound is much lower than before…
is it because the Stageline doesn’t have its own power source?

Do you have the right version of Stageline? For MM pickups you need the N-version and there are four or five MC-versions.

Yes. N version.

What do you think it means that the volume is lower comparing to the previous phono-stage?
Does it mean that I should connect the Stageline to the HC2 and use another SNAIC to connect the HC2 to the XS2?

@Ronmaik however you power the Stageline I wouldn’t expect any difference in output level/gain whether powered by a Flatcap, Hicap or a powered aux socket, they should all be providing the same electrical supply, even if their regulation type/quality/noise differed. Certainly nothing to make them louder/quieter.

I suspect the difference between the MF and Naim stages is just a gain difference. From Naim the Stageline N gain is 35dB at 1kHz. I’d check the gain of the MF stage to check if it is higher. (Including your system spec in your profile really helps!)

FWIW I crank the volume up a fair bit when listening to vinyl Goldring 1042 into Stageline N into XS3 into Neat Motive XS3 compared to CD or streaming sources.

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Hi James,

Thx for taking the time.

XS2+HC2+Stageline+Thorens+Goldring 2200+Kef LS50 meta+KC62.

I have just switched back to the MF LX2-LPS… it is unbelievable how the stage opened and rises compared to the Stageline N.

Doesn’t make any sense…

Or maybe the Stageline N doesn’t deliver.
Maybe it is a bit dull, slim and not exciting…

Did anyone had same experience as I have?
My reference is a very basic MF phono stage that sounds much better with MM cartridge Goldring 2200.

What do you think?

I liked the Stageline N very much with my Goldring 2400.

Thank you Chris.
Guess I should give it another chance…

The Stageline N is an excellent MM stage but sound-wise I found it is on the dark and earthy side so you need to match with a suitably bright and lively cartridge to get the best match.

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I now have the Goldring 2200 cartridge.
Any recommendation for one that works well with the Stageline N?

This is what it says on the Goldring site:
Goldring 2000 series cartridges should be used with the standard moving magnet phono input of an integrated amplifier…

What does it mean in regards to XS2/HC2/Stageline?..
Shoud I buy XS3 just for the Goldring :slight_smile:

If I ever decided to go back to MM, a 2400 and Stageline N would be my first port of call :slight_smile:

Any major difference between 2200 and 2400?