Connect Uniti Star with Sonos Era 100

I have my Star, turntable and speakers in the living room, and I’ll be adding a Sonos Era 100 to the kitchen.

At first, I thought I’d just BT from my phone to play music while in the kitchen, separate from the living room. But is there a way to connect it to my Star so I can play the same music in the living room and kitchen?

The Sonos and Naim multiroom systems are not compatible with each other.
Roon could do it, assuming the Sonos supports airplay or chromecast.

I’ve got the Sonos Arc surround system and the only way I can connect it is via the Core.

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I have a Uniti Star in the front room and a Sonos Move in the kitchen and Arc in the back room and older Sonos units in other rooms. If I use Apple AirPlay it allows me to connect both the Star and the Move which also has AirPlay. From the Move I can connect all of the other older Sonos units so can play the same tunes throughout the house. Useful for parties etc.

If you use iOS devices, Airplay will give you multiroom between both of your devices. The Sonos doesn’t support Chromecast, so that option wouldn’t work for you.
What you can’t do is use Airplay to send whatever the Star is playing to the Sonos. For that you would need another Naim streamer such as a Muso or QB instead of the Sonos, then you could use Naim’s multiroom to listen to your turntable in the other room.

No that is correct. Can’t listen to the turntable or CD player from the Star that way but fine for streaming from Qobuz or Spotify.

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