Connect windows pc to uniti atom

I am looking to connect my Windows PC to the Uniti atom he edition. playback is thru my pc (I use Jriver playback software) which is connected via wired gigabit LAN to my audio collection on a NAS.
finding the i/f very hard to navigate not withstanding the requirement of the Naim App on Android or Ios smartphone connection which only seems to work thru a Wi-Fi connection.
I understand a “D2D” converter might help, such as a Douk Audio U2 XU208 USB to digital on the low end of the scale or the Denafrips Iris on the high(er) end.
Has anybody had any experience with this and any advice much appreciated.
Many thanks

Hi Revahi. Welcome.

If your pc is a laptop, it’s possible that it has a mini-toslink digital optical connection buried in a 3.5mm headphone jack output. If so, all you would need is a mini-toslink to toslink cable.

The Atom is mostly intended as a network connected device; but I’m afraid I know nothing about how JRiver might fit into that architecture…

Thank you for your reply Andy,
Surprisingly 1 of my laptops does indeed have such an output but I was looking for a bit more flexibility, USB ports are ubiquitous but optical out isn’t.
I also think, (I’m not certain) that the audio resolution is somewhat less that a wired type connection.
Jriver is just a piece of software for playback.
I will do a listening experience and try to report back.

The digital s/pdif outputs from computers are usually of a fairly low quality so if you wish to use the Atom more as a DAC than to utilise the streaming functionality, you should use an Asynchronous USB-s/pdif Adapter. At the cheaper end of the market, units like the M2Tech Hiface and Gustard U12 work well, otherwise look at devices from Audiophilleo, Mutec, Berkeley et al…

Jriver supports being a DNLA UPnP server and can play to DNLA/UPnP renderers. NaimAtom is one therefore it should show up to play to it via the JRiver app if they are on the same network or via the Naim app as a UPnP server to pull from. No need to connect it via usb or spdif.


I’m on with the Iris.

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Nice little set up there.

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NTraxMartin, could you post an image of the back showing the cable configuration?

Tried my best to reach. Is kinda easy,

PC USB out to Iris USB in, Iris Digital Out Coax to Coax Digital In Atom.

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Thank you for a speedy response very nice setup there. I also see a USB input into the àtom, I’m guessing it’s from a storage device?
I’m actually now considering Audiopilleo MkIí as it’s a much simpler setup and I won’t be using the I2 and or AES.

Thanks, yup that’s a storage device. For Some flacs and DSDs.

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