Connecting 250 to 82

Hi. Trying to connect a 250 (olive ) to replace my 180. So far I have swapped the 180 cable for din xlr using the same socket and connected the 250 to new cable. Not getting anything from the 250. Heard and seen working before purchase. Assuming this correct would my next investigation be the fuse ? If so how do I locate. Thanks for any advice given.

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Maybe. Is the Naim logo lit on the 250…?

Fuse will be part of the IEC Mains input. There may be a spare fuse inside.

Were you using the 180 to power the 82? The 250 can’t do that - so you’ll need a HiCap to provide power to the 82.


The OP’s profile shows 2 Hicaps… :thinking:

But still good question.

Oops. Should have checked that.

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Hi. Yes two hi caps with the 180. Nothing lit up on the 250. Tried plugging just power lead into the 250 with nothing else to see if display lit up but nothing that way either

Here’s another voice suggesting you try changing the 250’s fuse first.

Just had a look and the fuse is blackened at one end so hopefully that’s the problem.

Fuse blown.

Check this thread to work out which fuse you need for your 250 -

Also check the rear panel of your 250, which should have the fuse rating.

Ideally… get replacement fuses from your Naim dealer.

I do like a simple explanation… :thinking:

250’s can sometimes do this… Its Naim Normal.

If you read the Thread I linked, you can ‘enjoy’ my little saga over fuses… :neutral_face:

I now have Naim Dealer Supplied & Approved fuses in stock…!!!

Thanks for that. An interesting read. Naim fuses ordered.

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No problem.

My Pain - Your Gain…

My 250 has been fine since I last replaced the fuse… :neutral_face:

Remember that fuses are designed to blow to protect the amp from a fault, so it’s possible that a fault in your 250 was the cause.

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Hi. Phew. Replaced the fuse and everything seems fine. A definite upgrade on the previous. Thanks for everyones help.



In my experience, owning a 250 since 1985 (the same one), fuses can occasionally blow on power up.

Keep a spare or two… :slightly_smiling_face: