Connecting 552 to 4K TV

I have just bought a new TV - an LG Oled 4K. As far as I can see the only audio connections are an optical / TOSLINK connection and a mini-jack. There are also HDMI connections. Can I connect the TV to my Hifi set up?

TV via Toslink to ND555. Set audio out to PCM only on TV.


Fantastic - thank you

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An alternative as i have an old pioneer, is to use toslink direct from my Virgin box set to pcm out.

If the mini jack is 3.5mm, I would use that.

Why? Using that output would have the tv doing the digital to analog conversion. Using optical and having whichever DAC you use in your system is likely the superior sounding route.

The OP implied connecting the TV directly to the NAC 552 which doesn’t have an optical input. Hence using the analogue connection.

I appreciate that you can use an external DAC, which may give you other options, but is another component and cable in the chain.

I have an ND 555 but had not thought of it as a way of getting the audio from the TV to the Hifi - I assumed I would have to connect the TV to the pre-amp directly

If you connect the tv via digital to the ND555 you can use the system automation to switch to the tv output and control the volume via the app.

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I’d stick with going through the ND555. It’s already in the system, will sound better than the analogue connection from the TV and you’ll avoid any problems with coupling the noisy tv signal ground to the 552.


Fair enough, I just assumed they had some sort of device that would take digital inputs, know what they say when you assume :grinning:

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