Connecting a Melco N1 to the NDac

For a couple of years my Melco N1A/2 USB out was connected to the NDac with a Shiit Eitr ,USB to SPDIF interface.

My Eitr is apparently dead and cannot be reordered (the product is discontinued).

Do you have any suggestion for a replacement ?

M2tech hiface 2
Around 180 euros
Or more expensive, but probably the best: Audiophileo/ pure power


I had this M2TECH once and sold it because of compatibility problems …I recommend to test before buy.

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I have the M2TECH Hiface. With my system and to my eras the
Eitr is better.

It was recommended by my dealer, but some years ago already.

The Audiowise SRC-DX is a recent addition to the market and can provide either single BNC or double BNC out…

My dealer recommended it too. But as it is plugged in the back of the Melco that sits on a wall mounted shelf, I had to put the Melco too close to the shelf edge for my taste.
And anyway the Eitr sounds better. (or at leaqt used to sound better)

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Maybe @Filipe has tried other usb to spdif converters before buying the Audiophileo?

I tried the HiFace M2 whatever that Innuos loaned to me. Choose the better one (Audiophilleo Plus PurePower) based on reviews. Not been disappointed!


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I have ordered the Singxter SU6 and received it yesterday. The sound is more detailed that the one with the M2Tech Hiface. Apparently bits are not bits.

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Sonore have a UltraDigital product and pair it with either an Uptone LPS 1.2 or Sonore own PSU.

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