Connecting a phono stage to NAC 112

I have a phono stage (pictured) which someone made for me. I haven’t used in a few years because I had nowhere for my turntable (Rega Planar 2) but am setting it up again - and I can’t find the guy who built it.

Trouble is I can’t remember how it all fits together!

I have the two sets of phono leads coming out of the back of box connected to the turntable (pre wired into the turntable) and to the NAC 112 via a 5 pin din.

First problem - there’s no phono channel on the NAC 112 so which channel should I plug it into?

Second problem - I’ve lost the power supply and I assume that would go into the small input in the front of the box (see picture) Is that right?

Since I’ll need to find a power supply any ideas what the likely output of it should be?

Lastly - what’s the 3 pin input on the front of the box for?

You can plug the DIN5 into any of the 180 degree DIN5 inputs on the NAC112 as they are all at line level. Just be sure the AV input does not have Unity Gain set to on (or just avoid the AV input).

I would guess the power supply would probably connect to the XLR socket, but that could be confirmed by taking a peek inside the case. The little one next to it looks like it might be (or might have been) a lamp or LED to show when powered up.

Your main issue now is finding the power supply…

Thank you!

Yes I’ll keep looking for it.