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Hi all, i am just new here. Happy for some years with my Unity Nova, i just bought a Thorens TD202 record player (with built in amp). But how do i connect this properly? I just tried with the analogue input sockets, but no sound. Do i need some adapter maybe?
Thanks for your answers.

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Welcome Ronald.

On the Thorens, make sure the switch for the internal phono-preamp is switched on. Then connect it to the Nova via the analogue input sockets (either RCA phono or better yet DIN). It’s worth ensuring that the connection is done with both the Thorens and the Nova powered off (and unplugged). Plug in and power up the Thorens and then the Nova. Select the appropriate analogue input on the Nova and adjust volume level as desired.

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Thanks Richard. Done all that. Just found out that i had not properly/tightly inserted/connect the styles/element part to the arm. Stupid me. One more thing: even with the phone amp switched on of course i really have to turn up the volume dial for some decent playing volume. Significantly more than playing Tidal or CDs. Is this normal?

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OK great. Yes, this will usually depend somewhat on the gain and output of the internal phono stage in the Thorens. Usually it’s anywhere from 0.5V to 1V, whereas digital is often 2V or even more. You could try adjusting the input trim on the inputs you use to try to get a better balance and consistency of level across the various inputs you use.

More info can be learned here;

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