Connecting a SNAPS to a NAC 62

Is it ok to connect a snaps power supply to the 5 pin output on a nac 62, using a 5-4 snaic cable? The socket on the 62 which is intended for use with a hicap? And would there be any point in doing this, as opposed to using a snaic 4 between them?

You should connect a SNAPS to the NAC62 using a SNAIC4 and with the link plug fitted to the 62.

A SNAIC5-4 is not suitable here as it’s designed to allow a dual-rail power supply to send a single-rail DC feed to a single-rail pre-amp, not the other way around.

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I see. Thanks for your reply. So connecting a snaps to the 5 pin socket on the 62 is not even possible?

You’re not going to gain anything as the SNAPS (unless dual rail modded) will still only be able to provide a single 24v rail to the 62 and there would be no benefit of using the DIN5 socket on the 62 (which can accept a dual rail supply) in this instance. The link plug in the DIN5 socket is used to connect the two rails to run off the single 24v rail supplied through the DIN4 socket you would be using with the SNAIC4.

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No. And even if it were, a SNAIC5-4 is a super-rare thing, so you’d have to have it made to order. A SNAIC4 is much easier and a lot cheaper!

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Understood. Thanks for the comprehensive reply.

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