Connecting a Sub

Can anyone please help. My system is a Uniti Atom with PMC speakers. I have tried to connect my B&W PV1 Sub via the preamp sockets using a y adapter. But doesn’t seem to work. Thanks in advance for any advice.

My Rel is connected back from the speaker terminals to the sub. Seems to me, from other threads I’ve read, that this is the least complicated and most popular method.

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Likewise my REL T9X is powered by the speaker outputs on my SN3. - works superbly.

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It should just work with no changes to settings

The manul for the PV1 says to use speaker connections for 2 channel hifi. Says that special cables are supplied ?

Only other thought. Presumably there’s two power settings on the sub? “Always on” and “trigger on” (I.e. only turns on when music is playing). Might be worth switching to always on?