Connecting Blu Ray player to Naim Uniti Nova

I am thinking of buying a Magnetar UDP900 Blu Ray player but need advice about connecting the Uniti and the Magnetar. The manual for the Magnetar says some amplifiers can be connected by HDMI to the disc player and both the video and audio data from the player will be processed. If not, can anyone help me with what I need to do to connect them? Just to add complications, I also have Dynaudio Focus XD active speakers. If anyone can help me about connecting the Magnetar to the Dynaudios I would be very grateful. If anyone has a Magnetar their appraisal of its performance would also be welcome. It looks like it would be a good reproducer of CDs. Going for a dem is not an option as there is no distributor anywhere near me

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Is your TV connected to your Nova?:thinking:
If so, just connect the Blu-Ray to your TV and let it sort out the sound.
That’s what I do with my LG 4k Blu Ray and LG TV. All works fine connected to TV and then down to my ND5 XS 2 which then sends it to my NAC 202. Obviously you get to skip the middle connection, as the Nova does all the work.
At least, that’s how I think it should work. YMMV🤷🏻‍♂️
Can’t help with the Dynaudio’s, but if they’re already connected to the Nova then again, no change🙂
It is a Nova?

Thank you. It is a Nova. The Dynaudios are active, with their own DAC, and not connected to the Nova. In effect, I have 2 systems operating and need to decide whether I will sell the Dynaudios. I have just bought Linn Saras to go with the Nova and enjoying listening to both set-ups, comparing and contrasting

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If you just want to use the Blu-ray player to spin some CDs (without having to have the TV on) then you should also connect to the Nova directly via optical or coaxial s/pdif.


I’ve literally just tried that yesterday with my LG Blu-Ray to the ND5 XS2 @Richard.Dane.
Can’t get any sound out of it.
Looked at manuals on both products and by all accounts it should be working.
Works fine through the HDMI to the TV and then back down to the ND5 XS2. :man_shrugging:t2:
Real head scratcher…:thinking:

Hmmm… I wonder whether it automatically defaults to HDMI if that’s connected. Does it work if HDMI is disconnected from the LG?

I thought of that, so I unplugged it, but still nothing🤷🏻‍♂️
I will ask my dealer to take a look if I can’t get it working. He’s coming out to hook up two Rel subs and an additional HC DR for the 282/300 system in a couple of weeks.

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you might want to check that the LG Blu-Ray is set to output PCM for the digital audio.


Yeah, I looked at that setting, but didn’t change anything. I will have another go at it later in the week.
Thanks for the suggestion.

What output is it set to 5.1 or stereo ?

It normally runs HDMI to the TV and then TosLink back to the ND5 XS2.
I have just plugged the TosLink in the back of the Blu-Ray into the second TosLink port on the ND5 XS2, but no sound comes out.

Go to the menu on the Blu Ray player , I had exactly the same problem . Set it to stereo , hey presto

best wishes


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Thank you Ian. I’ll give it a go tomorrow. :+1:t3:

If you don’t need SACD or DVD-Audio playing capability, then maybe save some money and get a Panasonic DP-UB9000 or 820 they are both very good at playing just CD’s and the Video performance is the best in class.
The Panasonic 9000 is top class for CD sound quality from a Blu Ray Player based on a few professional reviews.

Thank you Moon Drifter. You have just saved me a great deal of money! Panasonic it will be

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As a side note, I used to listen to my Blu Ray player via the TV and then optical into my ND5XS2 streamer but then tried connecting the Blu Ray player directly to the ND5XS2 and noticed a significant improvement in sound quality. It means I now have two separate cables, one from TV and one from Blu Ray player into the ND5xS2 but worthwhile I think.

I would agree that its much better to connect the BluRay Player direct to the streamer/dac, usually you go coaxial or optical to streamer/dac and HDMI to TV and/or AV Amp to get the best sound quality.

Did it work ?

Hi Ian… no. I couldn’t seem to find a setting on the LG for 2ch stereo at all, but I meticulously went through all the options and found no combination that produced sound of any sort.
I suppose it’s always possible that the cable is faulty. How bizarre, I didn’t even consider that until now…:man_shrugging:t2:

That’s bizarre , a Blu Ray should be capable of delivering 5.1 to a AV system and stereo to an audio system

Best wishes