Connecting Bluesound NODE to NAC 202 : RCA or DIN?


I need your opinion…
I’ll connect Bluesound NODE to Naim NAC-202, there’s 2 option to connect to NAC 202 by DIN or RCA.
Bluesound NODE has only RCA output.

which is better, connect RCA to RCA or RCA(from Bluesnound Node) to DIN (Naim NAC-202) ?

please give your opinion and experience
thank you

Personally speaking I don’t like adaptor cables or plugs so I keep the ends the same.
Either RCA - RCA or if you must Din - Din.
Taste and try before you buy. :+1:t2:

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RCA to RCA will work fine, and if you already have a good quality cable I would use it.
If you need to buy a cable I would buy an RCA to DIN. I haven’t used a Node, but with other non-Naim devices that have RCA connections I’ve always found that using the DIN connection on the Naim box gives slightly better results.


RCA to DIN is the recommended solution you can find in NAIM amplifier manuals. Din at 1 end should be preferred to rca at both ends

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thank you for all your suggestion. I think same type of connection both NAC202 side or NODE side is important, because both connector material take big effect in sound matter, I assume.

want to ask also for ethernet cable, what is the standardization of cable using ? CAT 5E ? or others?
thank you

thank you, I’ll use CAT6E

I am using NAC 202 as pre amplifier.
Can I connect Bluesound NODE analog output (RCA) to NAC 202 to that RCA connection that I have marked with this red box (AUX) ?
Now, I am using DIN Connection to connect my CDX to this NAC 202 (CD).

Please advise. Thank you

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