Connecting Burndy only at one end

Is it possible to connect Burndy at Naim NDac side only and to listen dt Supernait 2 connected to Naim Dac. The 2nd end will only be connected in case I roll a XPS2 from my living-room in my bedroom. Instead of manipulating 4 x Burndy out/in I will get a 2nd Burndy cable now and only have to manipulate 2 x a Burndy connection. I wanna avoid to connect and disconnect this big cable as much as possible. Thanks a lot.

The Naim DAC requires the link plug to be fitted to the Burndy socket when an off board power supply is not being used, so not possible to run the DAC and have the Burndy cable connected to the DAC but not to the power supply.

perfect, I nearly knew it. So no need for a 2nd Burndy cable. Kind regards. HF

May be a silly suggestion, but can you not put the plug in the other end of the burndy cable?
Yes it’s a strange think to do, but i guess its the same outcome?

You have a male plugs on the Burndy cable and a male link plug so that’s not going to work.

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sorry, we have 33 degrees now and I feel bad, my brain is not functioning, the plug is male and the burndy ends are male, so it does not work, or I do not understand what you mean, perhaps a picture or drawing, thanks.

I guess that from the other post, but worth a mention even if it wont work lol

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