Connecting Hugo 2 to SN2

Would there be any discernible difference in sound between a Chord Epic RCA to RCA and a Chord Epic RCA to 5DIN? I know that DIN is usually the preferred choice with Naim. Are there any other cables I should be looking at?

RCA to Din sounds better.

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Rather than spending £500 on the Epic you could buy a Naim RCA to Din for £115, leaving you £385 to spend on something else. I use a 1m one to connect my Rega phono stage to my Supernait 3 and it works really well.

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I felt the Hi-line RCA-DIN worked very well with the original Hugo into my Naim system. Worth investigating.


Just for confirmation. Be it lavender or hi-line RCA-DIN interconnect, they are directional, right?

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Make sure you order RCA to Din and all will be well.

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Thanks Richard, do you know if the rca hi line would definitely fit the Hugo 2? I understand that the rca ports on the Hugo 2 mean that certain cables aren’t compatible. Cheers

Yes, it will fit. The very first Mk1 Hugos didn’t have enough space around the RCA sockets, and quite a lot of plugs wouldn’t fit, but Chord changed this a long time before the Mk2 was released, so you’ll be fine.

As Chris says above, it’ll be fine.


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