Connecting my Ndx to Spotify

I bought a used NDX and a new SAMSUNG GALAYXY android tablet to stream Tidal & Spotify
The previous owner used his IP to play Tidal. l cant it connect to say Spotify.
The screen displays Spotify
Please Wait
input is Initializing… But that’s all. Am I missing something?

That’s it, The Samsung is playing Spotify tune thru its speakers. The NDX should recognize the tablet
as an devise and connect?? It doesn’t.>>>>> HELP!! Tunes2

p.s. My current Streaming is Cambridge 851-N. When I bought the tablet (android just for the NDX)
The 851N ask if want to add it (New devise.) TOUCH the devise i con and connection is made…

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Yes. The NDX has built in access to Spotify and Tidal. You need to install the Naim app on your tablet and then use it as a remote control for the NDX. The NDX then accesses the music directly from the internet, not from the Tablet.

You also need to activate a Tidal or Spotify account through the NDX.

This is all explained in the manual, that hopefully came with it.

Hi- I have exactly the same issues with my superuniti2 and NDS, I believe it is because Spotify changed their software necessitating an update of software on your ndx, I think from memory you need version 4.8. I only use Tidal now so have not bothered with the update, downloading to your computer then uploading from your computer to hi fi component seems like a bit of a faff

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P.S. reading your post you may not realise that the Samsung is simply a remote that controls your ndx, the ndx should be uploading the files from Spotify or tidal- as u have the music coming out of your Samsung I’m guessing it is talking to Spotify itself… have you downloaded the Naim app to your Galaxy? You need todo so and use it as a remote control for the ndx, but u will still need to update your ndx software if u need Spotify on it

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I just open Spotify on my phone or tablet then click the icon next to the play button at the bottom of the Spotify app and select NDX then it plays :man_shrugging: however I do know it need s to be the paid app not the freebie.

Hello Jonny

Subject : Connection issues to play Tidal or Spotify Ref: NDX

I already installed the Naim app on my Samsung tablet which streams Tidal & Spotify easily to my Cambridge 851-N.
But! when I try to do the same with the NDX on which its screen is displaying " Spotify is Ready."

The manual says when this is displayed. Press and hold the Home bottom on the handset controller> 5cm from the NDX.
Which came with the NDX. Hmmm! it DOSE NOT HAVE home SMYBOL on it.
As I said in the beginning. Clues from NDX owners who stream with an Android tablet only. Not an Ip.

Also the tablet playing over its own speakers. The devise selection never displays the Naim NDX as a choice when playing Tidal or Spotify. It does display the 851-N.


When you open the Naim app, does it actually see the NDX as a device on the LAN? I assume it does, but if not it might imply a network connectivity issue in which case restarting devices/router might help.

Is the NDX in a different location or maybe on a different switch to the Cambridge Audio device?

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