Connecting n 272 to non Naim integrated amp

I recently purchased a NAC 272 I am thinking the 250 DR would be the way to go with my budget but I would like to try some other amps as well. I’m looking at the Raven audio nighthawk which is actually an integrated. What is the best way to connect it? The manual leaves me a little unsure. And I’m almost positive that’s my fault not the manuals, lol. I would appreciate any help you can offer and apologies if I left out any critical info. Oh, I’m using Pureaudiomagic Tangband Trio.

Looking at the Raven Nighthawk it looks like it’s just an integrated amp, i.e. there’s no way to split it betweeen pre- and power sections, or just run it as a power amp.

You could of course just run the NAC-N272 as a source using the Line Out to one of the Nighthawk’s inputs, but you would lose the Naim’s pre-amp section and facility.

Thank you very much.

I’m not sure why you would choose a streamer with a preamp, and then look for an integrated amp to partner it. Either get an NDX, similar to a 272 without the preamp, and run it into an integrated amp, or get a 272 and a power amp. Otherwise you are buying two preamps when you only need one.

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I also recently purchased a new 272 as on special offer now it’s discontinued. I’m delighted with it and sold my Node 2i and Chord Qutest as I felt it easily bettered that combo. I’m feeding the 272 into a Meridian 575 which is old but a fab power amp. I found it sounded sweetest via the Din outs to XLR inputs. I would suggest looking at good power amps rather than an integrated amp so you can fully utilise the 272 pre-amp. Others may suggest other pairings as I’m new to the 272 and always interested in other experiences. So far very happy with this 272/575/PMC combo

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If money is tight a s/h Nap 100/110/140/150/155/160 or 200 might fit be the bill

I suggest you need to consider the overall sound you want. I don’t know of your speakers but a tube amp and a Naim 250 will likely give a very different sound. The Naim 272, as well as a streamer and Dac, is a very high quality analogue preamp. It’s pretty pointless using it into an integrated amplifier, when half of it would be wasted. An NDX2 would make far more sense and would sound better than a 272 when used into an integrated. On the other hand, the 272/250 is a brilliant combination: it just depends on whether it works well with your speakers.

The 272 is really well suited to the 250DR as expected. If it were me, i would aim for that as a goal, and in the meantime partner the 272 with a used Naim Nap 100, 150 or 150X. At least they will fit in terms of connectivity, visual harmony, and most importantly the sound signature intended by Naim in the first place. This way you will likely lose the least money and avoid duplication of pre amp sections.

Gary - if you look at the original post, there is enough budget for a 250. It’s a choice between 250 and the integrated tube amp.

Ah really…Well in that case i guess i don’t need to say the bleedin obvious😎

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