Connecting Nac 202 to old Nap250 with hicap

Hi, I am having trouble getting sound out of my system after replacing a 42.5 with a 202.

I have connected it all up (NAPSC and Hicap included) and the pre amp shows no faults. I have connected a source to the CD phono connection and made sure that connection is live using the prog button on the remote and switching from DIN to Phono.

However no sound is coming out.

One question is do i need a link plug in Link1 top left of the connections (my research on the web seems to indicate not but it may be required) or have i missed something obvious.


Hi, the manual shows the setup for a 202/napsc/hicap; no link paddle is connected on the 202.
How have you connected the 250 to the hicap? If you’ve just swapped out the 42 for the 202, then the hicap/250 connection doesn’t need to change.

Also setting the cd input to phono is as you have described. Did the cd input button flash 3 times to confirm phono is enabled?


For reference, the manual is online here

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Thanks for replies. The connections seem to be as per the manual. All the controls on the remote work and i have now swapped the lead to connect to the DIN tuner input from the music source. Still no sound. I should have mentioned (even though i don’t think it makes a difference, although not so sure now) that the PS is not Naim.

Thanks guys.

What is the ‘music source’?

That could easily be the problem…

You said it was a HiCap…??

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The test to see where the issue is:

  • remove the 202 and reconnect the 42.5 (turn the PS off first)
  • connect the source to the 42.5 tuner input
  • if it works fine, swap the 42.5 for the 202
  • connect to the 202 tuner input
  • if it works, you need to configure the CD input
  • if it doesn’t work, the 202 is faulty
  • with Napsc and external PS attached you don’t need any link plugs on the 202
  • if the source works with the 42.5, PS and 250, the PS can’t be an issue.

I had to edit the post as the “Hicap” is modified and hence discussion of it is strictly forbidden.

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Hi guys. I did indeed say it was a hicap as it fits in the hicap input on the preamp. However i have now tried to go back to the original setup to test what is happening and it to will now not make a sound there either!!!

So when everything powers up you hear a thump from the speakers so it seems to me the power amp must be ok with it’s output. The music source is either an output from an echo or a music streamer and i have tried all the inputs on both pre amps to no avail. I am thinking the link cable between the pre and power has for some reason failed so not sure how to test that with my multitester. Suspect i should see some voltage between the supply pins and earth so will try that.
If my thinking is wooly please let me know as have not had to do thi sort of thing for many many years :slight_smile:

Sorry we must have been typing at the same time. Now suspect as my post perhaps the link cable is faulty.
Just wondering if i can connect the original preamp without the external power supply. I think i have an idea as i have another naim preamp connected to a 140 somewhere so might dig that out as it works without an external power supply.

Neither the 42.5 nor the 202 will work with a 250 without a power supply. The 140 can power either, using a Snaic4, but you’ll need a link plug in the upgrade socket.

Hi Gents,

Dug out my old 140 and got it to work with its cable then tried it with the 202 and that worked so the fault lies with the 202 to power amp cable. What a faff. Thanks for all your help and apologies for having a non Naim PSU which i did not really think about until my post was modded.

Thanks again for being such quick helpers on this forum.

One tip. Don’t assume everyone on here is male.

The 202 doesn’t connect directly to a Naim power amp unless you are powering it from it eg a nap 200. The 202 and 250 are not directly connected. The 250 would be connected to the power supply unit.

It does if you have certain third party power supplies, which is obviously what the OP has. The less said the better.

Ah is that so. Then i need to switch a lead over…

I will try this and report back.


Ah yes a faux pas on my side there. Sorry to all the non male users on the forum.

If it helps, a NAP250 cannot power a Naim preamp.

After some testing the cable seems at fault as i can use the preamp with my old 140 with the power supplies working. New cable ordered so hope that will sort it.

As a slightly off post question I had a thought to change the NAC 202 to a NAC N 272. However can this be used with a high cap or does one need a specialised new naim power supply?

The hicap isn’t compatible.
555 is the best, or xps dr.
The xp5xs isn’t worth the bother on a 272.
These are optional upgrades, it works by itself.