Connecting NAC 282 to Supernait 2

Hi all,

I know that this has been asked before, but I’m struggling to find a definitive answer (even from a Naim dealer)!

I want to add a NAC 282 into my current system. I currently have a NDX2 - SN2 - HiCapDR.

Since the HiCap DR already utilises a SNAIC 4 and SNAIC 5, my question is…do I need any other cables to perform the upgrade?

Slightly off topic, but has anyone with the same system as me performed this upgrade? If so, would you consider it a ‘no going back’ improvement in SQ?

Many thanks :grinning:

You should be fine, I think.

Power the NAC282 with the HICAP DR via SNAIC5. Then take pre-amp signal from the HICAP DR to the power amp section of the Supernait 2 via SNAIC4 (use Power Amp in on the SN2).

I’ve never done it before, but am a strong proponent of upgrading the pre-amp. My only slight concern would be whether this is a better upgrade than adding an XPS DR or 555PS to the NDX2 for similar outlay.


Most Naim upgrades are… in my experience (since 1982).

Even more so, if your addition is ‘pre-loved’…!!

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Thanks, Richard.

I see my end goal as owning a 282/250DR combo so will most likely end up going down that route. The PS upgrade for the NDX2 is definitely of interest though!

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In the manual:

Note: When an external preamplifier is connected to the Supernait 2 power-amp in socket, a fault will initially be indicated by the Supernait 2 mute button flashing. To clear the fault, press and hold the flashing mute button. This will un-mute the amplifier and turn off the display and volume indicator.


I added a NAC 282 to my SN 2/NDX 2 system a couple of years ago and found the upgrade was fantastic.

…that did lead to the the SN 2 being replace by a NAP 250DR a short time later which was also a lovely upgrade as well.

This topic has been discussed quite a bit and the search feature is helpful if you are looking for information regarding the upgrade path of the SN 2. A simple search using ‘282 - SN2’ will list 50+ threads.


Are there financial constraints to prevent part exchanging the Supernait for a 282/250 immediately?