Connecting Nac52 and phono pre

Hello all.
Recently upgraded to a NAC52 and also resurrecting my LP12, which is currently getting serviced/upgraded. Having not opened the 52 I am assuming they did not come with phono boards? Previous owner did not play vinyl.
I am probably going to go down the route of a phono pre amp (not Naim) and wanted to be sure of connections.
Can I use any input except 2(b), which seems to be for Naim prefix only.
Input 1 for phono boards only?
Which leaves me to use input 2 and 3 for a phono pre? Thanks.

Inputs 2 or 3 will be fine. Do check for the boards before spending out, as they are extremely good; you may be able to pick some up used as well. If there is a sticker on the back saying S, K or N, there are likely to be boards inside. It’s only a matter of removing the four feet and sliding the innards backwards if you want to take a look.


I’d 2nd checking whether phono cards are installed. I used mine for a long time before going down the Prefix route. I would suggest that the cards might be a lot better than the external phono pre you have in mind (although you’ve not specified which).

Input 1 is for internal phono cards usually although you can make it a line input with line cards or jumpers.

Input 2a is a line input, 2b is line in and power out (for naim phono amps)

Inputs 3&4 are line input (but be careful, some 52s have a variable input card installed on one of these for older cd players. These can have a weird effect on whatever source you connect

5&6 are line in and line out (tape loops)

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And if you are like me, trying to keep you heart rate sensible as you do it :joy:


An NAC52 would always leave the Naim factory with phono boards of one kind or another installed - S (optimised for low level MC cartridges), K (optimised for Linn MC cartridges), N (I can’t remember, but maybe moving magnet?), or whatever.

So, if there are none installed any longer, your seller has been rather naughty - unless this was agreed when fixing the sale price.

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That’s interesting. I always assumed that boards were additional. I’m sure the previous owner owned from new. Never played vinyl so there is a good chance there are cards in there. Thank you all for your help.

There are other threads covering several possible relevant options.

The internal boards are jolly good, as long as they are suitable for your cartridge. If you do want slightly better SQ and/ or you don’t have internal boards, a Prefix is a decent choice (powered from Aux 2 or. Hicap or even a Supercap).

A Superline is considerably better, (and more adaptable) but so it should be given the cost difference. It has the same power options.

For better VFM and SQ not much below a
Superline imho, you can ignore Aux 2 - just plug a Dynavector P75 mk 4 into any unused line level input.

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The internal boards are equivalent to a Stageline. Make what you will of that.
The Superline is certainly superior.


In my case the prefix powered by supercap was a clear winner over superline when prat comes first … :o)
Input 3 was told to be best.

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